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Practical and value-driven advice to resolve your business disputes.

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Our attorneys work with your business to understand and advance your interests.

We help you understand what is at stake, help you decide how to define your goals, and help you pursue the best path to a resolution in your specific circumstance.

We can guide you through all types of dispute resolution processes, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation. Our knowledge of advanced business topics and dispute resolution procedure can help your business get a favorable resolution to almost any type of business dispute.


We talk with you like a friend or colleague—our goal is to empower you by translating jargon-filled legal and strategic issues into language.


Once we understand your dispute and it is stabilized, we work with flat or capped rates so you know ahead of time what our services will cost.
Featured Services

Transparency is a cornerstone of my practice. I’ve designed flat rate featured services to bring transparency to pricing:

The prices for featured services are standard rates and apply for many of my clients. They do not include costs, such as filing fees. Each client’s business and dispute is unique, and the cost for reviewing and advising depends on the specific complexity of your dispute.